Our Team

Our Team


Armen Tatiyants

Director of Business Development

Armen Tatiyants has a passion for developing business, and it only makes sense that he is our Director of Business Development. Throughout his career, he has helped enroll over 1 billion dollars of debt and counting. Today, he is responsible for affiliate training / support, client and partner management, among mentoring those who have the desire to follow in a successful career path. In addition to being an expert in the debt settlement industry, Armen has a deep passion for fishing and could possibly compete on Master Chef even though he’s just too humble to admit it! The only thing he loves more than cooking is his Maltese puppy Luna.

“Come here, Luna! Time for your Steak Tartare! “


Hobbies: Luna & Luigi, Cooking, Fishing, Racing Cars, Debt Relief Whisperer


Dezmund Harris

Debt Coordinator

Dezmund is a firm believer that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. In addition to Field Training and Workshop Trainings at Affiliate Events, he is also responsible for overseeing the Enrollment Team as the Director of Operations ensuring that every client receives the consultation and guidance needed to make the best decisions for their Financial Future. On top of having 17 years of Financial and Sales Experience, Dezmund is extremely passionate about staying physically fit. So much so that he has three (yes you read that right, three) gym membership subscriptions.

“The two greatest muscles God gave me are in my thumb and middle finger because those are the ones I need to exercise my almighty SNAP!”


Hobbies: Fitness, Collecting Infinity Stones, Snapping people’s debt