Debt Mediation Services

Debt Settlement with Mediator Debt Solutions

What is debt settlement? Debt settlement involves negotiating your debt’s principal balance down to a more manageable amount. It’s a compelling option if your debt load exceeds what you can pay off quickly or if minimum monthly payments are infeasible due to financial challenges. At Mediator Debt Solutions (MDS), we negotiate with your creditors to reduce your principal balance, often resulting in lower monthly payments.

How long will this process take? The duration of the debt settlement process varies for each client, and at MDS, we tailor our payment plans to suit your individual needs. Once you’re enrolled in our program, the timeline can differ based on the program type you select. 

While it may take 1 to 3 years to fully pay off your debt, rest assured, the wait is worthwhile. Our team is committed to guiding you through the process with empathy and support, ensuring that your journey to financial freedom is both manageable and rewarding.

What type of debt can I settle? You can look into settling unsecured debt. What kind of debt is that? Well, unsecured debt encompasses loans not supported by collateral, such as a car or house, leading to higher interest rates due to increased lender risk. 

Some examples include credit card debt, medical bills, utility bills, department store cards, private student loans, and income taxes. These financial obligations lack asset backing and often carry higher interest rates compared to secured loans. 

With higher interest rates, this makes it more difficult for you to pay back, making it a perfect project for debt settlement and allowing us to lower those monthly payments or overall debt for you. 

Why can’t I just settle my debt on my own? Settling your own debt can pose challenges, especially without the expertise of a company or law firm experienced in dealing with creditors. Here’s why you need someone like Mediator Debt Solutions to assist you with debt settlement:

  • Expertise in handling creditor negotiations: With MDS, you benefit from the extensive experience and legal representation of a law firm throughout the entire settlement process.
  • Avoidance of high lump sum payments: When settling on your own, creditors often demand substantial lump sum payments. MDS helps you navigate negotiations to secure more favorable terms.
  • Comprehensive protection from legal action: With MDS by your side, you are shielded from potential lawsuits initiated by creditors.
  • Opportunity to save in a Special Purpose Account (SPAA): MDS provides you with additional time to accumulate funds in a SPAA, ensuring better financial preparedness during the settlement journey.

Trusting in MDS ensures a smoother and more effective resolution of your debt challenges compared to attempting to settle on your own.

Why work with Mediator Debt Solutions? At Mediator Debt Solutions, our singular aim is to assist you in crafting the life you envision. We empower those impacted by debt through inspiration, action, and change. By negotiating directly on your behalf, we alleviate your debt burden and guide you towards financial freedom with a personalized plan. We stand beside you every step of the way until your debt is completely eliminated. Contact us today and let us help you be debt-free at last!