The debt settlement journey

Here's How

Debt is rising and inflation is hitting harder than ever

But you are not alone. Here's how to qualify for our debt program.

Compare to Min. Payments

How much debt do you owe?    $30,000

What is your average interest rate?    29%

  • Months to Pay Off
  • Interest Rate
  • Total Interest Paid
  • Monthly Payment
  • Total Cost

Debt Sttlement with MDS

  • 48
  • 0%
  • $0
  • $453
  • $21,772

Debt consolidation or Credit Counseling

  • 60
  • 11%
  • $9,000
  • $624
  • $38,998

Do Nothing (Only Make Minumun payments)

  • 382
  • 29%
  • $53,400
  • $1,390
  • $83,490

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A matter of time

How long does it take to get out of debt with Mediator Debt Solutions?

This is probably the #1 question we get (along with “How much does it cost” as our clients don’t pay dime unless they save). The truth is that it varies. It varies based on how much debt you have, who you have that debt with and for how long (among other things).

On the safe side, we say between 24 to 48 months. But, we’ve had clients get out of debt in less and some in slightly more. Ultimately, regardless of time – they saved money and paid off their debt faster than they would have if they made minimum payments.

Jenny Q. from Oregon
17 months
Simon R. from California
40 months
Joaquin M. from New Mexico
27 months
Perla I. from Michigan
21 months
Marquis B. from Florida
15 months