July 10, 2023

What you need to know before joining our program?

Navigating Debt Settlement

Living with debt can be an overwhelming experience. But remember, you’re not alone in this struggle. Millions of people across the nation grapple with debt every day, searching for a way to regain control of their finances. Fortunately, there is a solution – debt settlement. 

At Mediator Debt Solutions, we’re committed to helping individuals navigate the intricacies of debt settlement. Our aim? To settle your debt as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. But before embarking on this journey, there are some essential details you need to understand to ensure a smooth process and successful outcome.


What is Debt Settlement?

Debt settlement is a negotiation process where a debtor, or in our case, a representative on behalf of the debtor, negotiates with creditors to reduce and settle debts for less than the originally owed amount. This process can bring substantial relief for those grappling with unsecured debts such as credit card bills and medical bills.


What Can You Expect of the Debt Settlement Process?

Addressing your financial challenges is a major step. Joining a debt settlement program with Mediator Debt Solutions symbolizes your commitment to regain financial control. As we guide you in minimizing your debt efficiently and quickly, understanding the key steps ensures a successful journey.


Step 1: Initiate a Detailed Dialogue

The first stage of this journey commences with an in-depth discussion. Our unique approach places a high emphasis on conversation, providing a gateway to potential solutions for your financial challenges. A seasoned Debt Specialist from our team will work collaboratively with you to understand your financial situation thoroughly. By doing so, we can customize your monthly deposit amounts to align with your specific goals, total debt, and budget.

Step 2: Maintain and Manage Your Payments

Once the initial plan is set, we’ll assist you in opening a savings account under your control. This account will be the hub for your monthly program deposits, laying the groundwork to pay off your debts. Moreover, if you have set up any automatic payments to your creditors, it’s important to cancel them promptly. Doing so will ensure that we can effectively engage with your creditors and prevent any duplicate payments.

Step 3: Cut Ties with Credit Cards and Control Communications

As you progress, it becomes crucial to distance yourself from your creditor(s). While you halt the usage of the credit line or loan targeted in your program, our expert debt resolution negotiators handle all communications with your creditors, lifting the burden off your shoulders. Simultaneously, you should stay connected and responsive to our team as we’ll be providing regular updates and offers via various channels, ensuring a smooth flow of information.

Step 4: Negotiating Your Debt

In this crucial stage, our negotiators employ their skills to secure settlements that increase your savings, lower your total payments, and fast-track your debt resolution. The choice of which accounts to settle first is driven by the funds accumulated in your savings account, ensuring an efficient utilization of your resources.

Step 5: Track Your Progress and Maintain Timely Payments

As the journey continues, maintaining timely payments becomes critical. We rely on these payments to negotiate effectively on your behalf. In addition, our online client portal allows you to access your account information 24/7 and track your progress, keeping you abreast of the situation.